About Colleen

In 2015 when I was 35 years old, I was given the diagnosis of aggressive Stage 2 breast cancer. After researching my options and discovering what my intuition said, I traveled to Germany for alternative cancer treatment. You can read more about my journey here.

When my sister and I were researching treatment options (aka "tearing up the internet") after the cancer diagnosis I was given, we just wanted to talk with someone who had traveled to Germany for alternative cancer treatmentWe wanted to know if this an absolutely crazy idea, or do normal people really choose this option?

And if I was actually going to do this... I also had a bunch of questions that weren't about the doctors or treatments but about logistics... like how to contact the clinic, what the cost was, paying for treatment (and wiring money to the clinic using TransferWise), flying there quickly, the culture, the language, what to expect, what not to expect, why can't this treatment be given in the US, what a typical day is like, and more!

I want to help you find out if alternative cancer treatment at a clinic in Germany is right for you. Contact me for free email or phone support about finding out which clinic is best for you.

Colleen Flowers Holistic Health Coach Cancer Survivor

I'm doing my best to offer what would have really helped my sister and I make this decision just a little bit easier.

More About Colleen Flowers

I've been a white-water raft guide and a health insurance billing manager, and I've been a highway construction inspector and a waitress. I graduated with a BA in English/Writing and in 2003, I transplanted myself from southeast Pennsylvania in the US to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I'm trained as a Holistic Reproductive Health & Sexuality Educator and I've been meeting with and educating individuals and couples regarding their holistic health since 2011. Holistic means looking at the *whole* person... mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical. In 2016, I also began offering my services virtually online and in-person to those on a journey after a diagnosis of cancer. In 2017, my husband and I moved to Berlin, Germany.

I offer life-coaching consults around fertility (Flowers Fertility), cancer (Holistic Cancer Living), making hard decisions, and more. For individualized coaching support, Book a Consult and Buy a Package.