List of Alternative Cancer Clinics in Germany

list alternative cancer clinics germany

Finding and understanding the process of receiving alternative cancer treatment at the various clinics in Germany can be really overwhelming. I want to help you save time, energy, and hours upon hours of internet researching. (Seriously. There are over 20 clinics to choose from!)

Click on the link for more information and photos about each clinic. To find out more about each clinic (including costs), contact me for free email or phone support.

Here are the clinics in Germany that I have visited.

Here are the clinics in Germany and Europe that I plan to Add and visit soon.

  • 3E-Zentrum

  • BioMed-Klinik

  • Budwig Center (Spain)

  • Dr. Asir Kopic's Praxis

  • Dr. Michael Kalden's MedicalCenter Mommsenstraße

  • Goethe University Medical Center

  • Hallwang Clinic

  • Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc (Switzerland)

  • Paracelsus Klinik (Switzerland)

  • Verita Life

  • Vitus Prostate Center

Other clinics.

  • Dr. Robert Gorter Medical Center and MediColonia

  • Hyperthermia Centre Hannover

  • Arcadia Praxis-Klinik with Dr. Henning Saupe

  • Dr. Ulrich Friedrichson's Praxis Klinik

My time and information to help you figure out which clinic is best for you is always free. If a patient decides to go to a certain clinic, then the clinic reimburses me for the help and support I offer to international patients. If you decide to contact any of these clinics directly after reading information from this site, please let them know that Colleen Flowers referred you!

alternative cancer treatment germany colleen flowers

My name is Colleen Flowers and I was given the diagnosis of aggressive Stage 2 breast cancer in June 2015 at the age of 35. I've traveled to Germany several times for alternative cancer treatment and wish someone like me existed when I was making these decisions! Contact me for free email or phone support about finding out which clinic is best for you. I'm trained as a Holistic Reproductive Health & Sexuality Educator and offer life-coaching consults around fertility, cancer, making hard decisions, and more.