What Makes Germany Different?

Traveling to Germany for alternative cancer treatment

Alternative, Integrative, Holistic

Each doctor and alternative cancer clinic in Germany is different, but all of them offer treatments that aren't often found outside of Germany and are usually at a more affordable rate. Most doctors are looking at the "big picture" and approach cancer treatment from a holistic perspective... mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical. They want to use more natural and gentle treatments first (and when possible) that emphasize quality of life before exposing the patient to adverse side-effects.

Some doctors and clinics use alternative cancer treatments as the primary course of action... others use them to heighten the effects of traditional treatments and lower the side-effects associated with those treatments. For example, some doctors use high-dose IV Vitamin C for cancer treatment (alternative) while others use it to boost the immune system during chemotherapy (integrative).


In addition, some doctors and clinics in Germany legally offer treatments that are considered experimental. This means that patients who have been given only palliative care options by their doctors at home have hope that another treatment will help them.

Quality of Life

By and large, I've found that when talking to the doctors that offer alternative cancer treatment in Germany, they're doing so because these treatments offer less side-effects and a chance to live a better quality of life. They're often focused on helping the patient as a person as opposed to only focusing on the cancer.

Colleen Flowers

I want to help you find out if alternative cancer treatment at a clinic in Germany is right for you. In 2015 and 2016 I traveled from the US to Germany for alternative cancer treatment. Since then, I moved to Berlin, live here as a US expat, and visit other alternative cancer clinics and meet the doctors. Ready to talk with me and know what I know?! Start a free email thread or schedule a free phone consultation so that I can help you and answer your questions!