How to Know Which German Cancer Treatment Clinic is Right for You?

Making big decisions about which German cancer clinic is for you

With over 19 alternative cancer clinics in Germany offering treatments to international patients, these are some things to consider when making your choice.

Treatments Offered in Germany

This may be the most important deciding factor when choosing a clinic, especially if you're drawn to or interested in a particular treatment. If you've researched specific treatments, it's important that the clinic you choose offers that! Whether it's intensive full-body hyperthermia, local hyperthermia, insulin potentiated chemotherapy (IPT), regional chemotherapy, mistletoe therapy, or a completely holistic approach that will discuss each aspect of your life, you want to be certain you're receiving the treatments that you believe will bring the best results for you.

Inpatient vs Outpatient

Some clinics offer you and a companion full room and board. Others offer treatments during the day while you stay at a hotel or holiday apartment and make your own food or eat at local restaurants. And some offer the option to do either. In addition, some clinics are located in cities, some in large towns, and others in small villages.

Budget for Treatments

The fee structure varies at each clinic. Some charge every patient the same price each week and then treat them accordingly, sometimes with extra charges for certain tests, scans, or treatments. Other clinics will itemize all of your tests and treatments so that the charges vary from week to week. Costs can vary from 4,000€/week to over 20,000€/week depending on the clinic, tests, treatments, lodging, and food.


Each doctor and clinic has a little bit of a different protocol and philosophy when it comes to treating cancer. If this is something that's important to you, make sure you feel comfortable with how they'll be treating you and the cancer. Ideally you want to arrive at the clinic knowing that you're in good hands and trust the medical staff around you.


For some people, they consider the food that they eat medicine and want to make sure it's of the highest quality and fits within a certain diet they're following. For other people, they find things other than food higher on their priority list. Some clinics use only organic food and others offer standardized hospital food.

Next Step

Talk to me! Seriously. I can save you hours and hours of researching on the internet and trying to figure out which doctors and clinics would be the best match for you. There's over 19 alternative cancer clinics in Germany! Maybe you use a wheelchair and want to know what that would be like for you at a certain clinic. Maybe you want to improve your immune system and detox from the traditional cancer treatments you've already received. I'm happy to help you in whatever way I can to figure out which German cancer treatment clinic is right for you

German Alternative Cancer Treatments Clinics

I want to help you find out if alternative cancer treatment at a clinic in Germany is right for you. In 2015 and 2016 I traveled from the US to Germany for alternative cancer treatment. Since then, I moved to Berlin, live here as a US expat, and visit other alternative cancer clinics and meet the doctors. Ready to talk with me and know what I know?! Start a free email thread or schedule a free phone consultation so that I can help you and answer your questions!