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Alternative Cancer Hufeland Klinik Germany

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The Clinic - Hufeland Klinik

Visiting German Cancer Clinics Hufeland Klinik

Hufeland Klinik cares for about 30 patients each week in what feels like a very healing small hospital. The private rooms include a bathroom ensuite. All meals are included (organic, vegetarian-based) and various dietary requests can be accommodated. A companion is welcome to join at no additional cost. Most patients go for 2-6 weeks for their first treatment and follow-up treatments are based on each individual's response.

Dr. Wolfgang Wöppel started Hufeland Klinik (pronounced HOO-fah-land) in 1985. He passed away in 2006 and now his wife (Gabriele) and daughter (Angelika) operate the clinic with Dr. Andreas Demuth (pronounced Dr. DEE-moot).

The Location of Hufeland Klinik

Hufeland Klinik is located in the town of Bad Mergentheim (pronounced baad MARE-ghent-hime) near Frankfurt, Heidelburg, and Nuremburg. The staff at the clinic arranges the free pick-up and return by private taxi at Frankfurt airport or Stuttgart airport. There is also a train station that connects to other towns and cities in Germany.

The town of Bad Mergentheim with shops, cafes, and restaurants is a 10-minute walk away through the park and castle. There is a very nice park (Kurpark) across the street with live music concerts, 3 differing mineral spring waters to drink, a walking meditation labyrinth, a knee-deep Kneipp pool, a cafe, and various fountains with gardens (Sound, Rose, Japanese, etc). There are long walking trails in the forest directly behind the clinic and Solymar Thermal Spa is very close.

The Treatments at Hufeland Klinik

Alternative German Cancer Treatments Hufeland Klinik

Hufeland Klinik offers detox and immune boosting protocols that include therapeutic IV infusions (ie, Vitamin C, Ozone, etc.), full-body hyperthermia, local hyperthermia, mistletoe, Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (IPT), pain management, biological therapies, immunotherapy, dietary supplements, Kneipp Hydrotherapy, and much more.

A unique treatment for the immune system is "Fever Therapy" or "Fever Push" with Coley's toxins developed by Dr. Josef Issels. It involves receiving a IV infusion of dead bacteria that stimulate an immune response for several hours.

The clinic also emphasizes inner healing (mental, emotional, spiritual) and usually offers:

  • Art Therapy with watercolors and acrylics

  • Clay Field Therapy (Tonfeld)

  • Psycho-oncology Therapy

  • Laying on of Hands (similar to Healing Touch)

  • Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

  • Physical Therapy including Magnetic Field Therapy, Acupuncture, Massages, Foot Reflexology & more

  • Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Meditative Dance

  • Singing

  • Nutrition Counseling

The Doctors at Hufeland Klinik

The doctors, nurses, and office staff at Hufeland Klinik speak English. The conversations I've had with Dr. Andreas Demuth have been examples to me of how a doctor can aid in the healing process by treating the "whole" person. 


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This is the clinic that I went to for 6 weeks in 2015, 4 weeks in 2016, and 3 days in 2017. They also have the ability to treat children. A treatment summary with test results and future recommendations in English is provided upon departure. WiFi internet connection is available.

To find out more about Hufeland Klinik (including costs), contact me.

My time and information to help you figure out which clinic is best for you is always free. If a patient decides to go to a certain clinic, then the clinic reimburses me for the help and support I offer to international patients. If you decide to contact this clinic directly after reading information from this site, please let them know that Colleen Flowers referred you!


Photos from my treatment in September 2015 and June 2016