St. George Hospital (Klinik St. Georg)

Alternative Cancer St George Hospital Germany

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The Clinic

Visiting German Cancer Clinics Klinik St. Georg

St. George Klinik cares for over 100 patients each week in what feels like a very lovely hospital. The private rooms include a bathroom ensuite. All meals are included (organic, vegetarian-based) and various dietary requests can be accommodated. A companion is welcome to join at an additional cost. Some patients stay outpatient at the clinic or at a nearby hotel or holiday apartment. They have a variety of accommodation options (in-patient, out-patient with meals, out-patient without meals, etc.). Most patients go for 3 weeks for their first treatment and follow-up treatments are based on each individual's response.

Dr. Friedrich Douwes (pronounced Dr. DOW-vez) started St. George Hospital and operates it with his wife and a staff of doctors. Many treatment costs are covered by German statutory health insurance providers, private health insurance companies, and other institutions providing health care allowances. 

The Location

St. George Hospital is located in the center of the small town of Bad Aibling. The staff at the clinic helps you arrange a shuttle service from the Munich airport or Salzburg airport. There is also a train station that connects to other towns and cities in Germany and Austria.

The town of Bad Aibling has a charming and pleasantly old-fashioned feel with many shops, cafes, restaurants, and a thermal spa just a few steps from the clinic.

The Treatments

Alternative German Cancer Treatments St. George Hospital

St. George Hospital offers detox and immune boosting protocols that include therapeutic IV infusions (ie, Vitamin C, Ozone, etc.), full-body hyperthermia, local hyperthermia, mistletoe, Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (IPT), Electro-Chemotherapy (ECT), Photodynamic therapy (PDT) especially for skin cancers, dietary supplements, and much more. They also offer standard therapies such as surgery, radiation/radiotherapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy. 

A unique and effective treatment for prostate cancer is trans-urethral hyperthermia. It is 5-day outpatient procedure that is relatively painless with minimal side-effects.

The clinic also offers what is known as extensive or extreme full-body hyperthermia with body temperatures reaching 106°F (41.6°C) for over an hour.

The clinic also incorporates inner healing (mental, emotional, spiritual) and offers:

  • Psycho-oncology Therapy

  • Creative Workshops (music, art, etc.)

  • Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

  • Massages & Foot Reflexology

  • Reiki & Tai Chi

  • Clergy from major religious traditions

  • Far Infrared Sauna

  • Hydro-colon Therapy

The Doctors

Dr. Friedrich Douwes, his wife, and Colleen Flowers in December 2017

Dr. Friedrich Douwes, his wife, and Colleen Flowers in December 2017

The doctors, nurses, and office staff at St. George Hospital speak English. The conversation I had with Dr. Friedrich Douwes conveyed his genuine concern for the well-being of patients. The doctors have an "open-door" policy and hospital rounds are done each morning.



This clinic also has a special focus on treating Lyme Disease in addition to cancer. A treatment summary with test results and future recommendations in English is provided upon departure. WiFi internet connection is available. Scroll down for more photos from St. George Hospital.

To find out more about St. George Hospital (including costs), contact me.

My time and information to help you figure out which clinic is best for you is always free. If a patient decides to go to a certain clinic, then the clinic reimburses me for the help and support I offer to international patients. If you decide to contact this clinic directly after reading information from this site, please let them know that Colleen Flowers referred you!



Photos from my visit to St. George Hospital in December 2017