Praxisklinik Frank Daudert

Alternative Cancer Hufeland Klinik Germany

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The Clinic

Visiting German Cancer Clinics Praxisklinik Frank Daudert

Praxisklinik Frank Daudert cares for about 10-12 out-patients each week in what feels like a cozy and homey day-clinic. All patients stay outpatient at a nearby hotel or holiday apartment. Most patients go for 3-4 weeks for their first treatment and follow-up treatments are based on each individual's response.

Dr. Frank Daudert has cared for patients with an open mind and warm heart at clinics in both Germany and Austria since 1990.

The Location

Praxisklinik Frank Daudert is located in the center of the small town of Bad Aibling. The staff at the clinic can help you arrange accommodation and transportation from the Munich airport, Innsbrook airport, or Salzburg airport. There is also a train station that connects to other towns and cities in Germany and Austria.

The town of Bad Aibling has a charming and pleasantly old-fashioned feel with many shops, cafes, restaurants, and a thermal spa just a few steps from the clinic.

The Treatments

Alternative German Cancer Treatments Praxisklinik Frank Daudert

Praxisklinik Frank Daudert offers detox and immune boosting protocols that include therapeutic IV infusions (ie, Vitamin C, Ozone, etc.), full-body hyperthermia, local hyperthermia, mistletoe, Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (IPT), Hydro-colon Therapy, pain management, Peptide Therapy, heavy metal chelation, dietary supplements, massages, and much more.

A unique diagnostic protocol includes stool tests in order to heal Leaky Gut. Because no stone is left unturned in determining the cause of cancer and how to best treat it, treatments often include lesser-known herbs, supplements, and medications.

The Doctors

Dr. Frank Daudert and Colleen Flowers in December 2017

Dr. Frank Daudert and Colleen Flowers in December 2017

The doctors, nurses, and office staff at Praxisklinik Frank Daudert speak English. The conversation I had with Dr. Frank Daudert exemplifies how a doctor can partner with patients to thoroughly investigate how and why cancer developed, and to develop a unique treatment plan for each person and situation.



Dr. Frank Daudert frequently travels to South America and Asia to continue researching new medicines to treat cancer and offers many different treatments. He also treats MS and ALS. A treatment summary with test results and future recommendations in English is provided upon departure.

To find out more about Praxisklinik Frank Daudert (including costs), contact me.

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