Medias Klinikum

Alternative Cancer Hufeland Klinik Germany

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The Clinic

Visiting German Cancer Clinics Medias Klinikum

Medias Klinikum cares for about 30 patients each week in what feels like a very nice hospital. The private hospital rooms include a bathroom ensuite. All meals are included and various dietary requests can be accommodated. A companion is welcome to join at no additional cost. Most patients go for 7-10 days of Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) with Immunotherapy and return every 3-4 weeks for a total of 4 treatment cycles, depending on tumor response. 

Dr. Karl Aigner (pronounced Dr. EYE-G-ner) started performing Regional Chemotherapy in the early 1980s. He says his goal is to damage the tumors and not the patients because minimal side-effects are experienced. RCT continues to be categorized as experimental treatment.

The Location

Alternative German Cancer Treatments Medias Klinikum

Medias Klinikum is located in the town of Burghausen on the Austrian border near Munich and Salzburg. The staff at the clinic can help arrange the pick-up and return by private taxi at Munich airport or Salzburg airport. There is also a train station that connects to other towns and cities in Germany.

The town of Burghausen with shops, cafes, and restaurants is a 10-minute walk from the hospital. Burghausen Castle, over 1km long and from the 13th century, offers a scenic backdrop directly on the Salzach River.

The Treatments

Medias Klinikum offers Regional Chemotherapy (RCT), full-body hyperthermia, Immunotherapy, palliative care, surgery, and more. Because it is located inside of a hospital, patients who need a higher level of care from doctors and nurses can receive it.

The Doctors

Dr. Karl Aigner and Colleen Flowers in November 2017

Dr. Karl Aigner and Colleen Flowers in November 2017

The doctors, nurses, and office staff at Medias Klinikum speak English. The conversation I had with Dr. Karl Aigner emphasized the quality of life that patients receive after Regional Chemotherapy (RCT) because the typical side-effects from traditional and systemic chemotherapy are avoided. 



English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and other languages are spoken. A treatment summary with test results in English is provided upon departure. WiFi internet connection is available.

To find out more about Medias Klinikum (including costs), contact me.

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